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5 Cases of Extraneous Hyphenation with Numbers

5 Cases of Extraneous Hyphenation with Numbers 5 Cases of Extraneous Hyphenation with Numbers 5 Cases of Extraneous Hyphenation with Numbers By Mark Nichol The mix of numbers, illuminated or in numerical structure, and hyphens is an unstable blend that regularly befuddles essayists. Here are five sentences in which hyphens are incorrectly embedded into developments that don't require them, with clarifications and rectifications. 1. â€Å"Four-percent of grown-ups may have ADHD.† There’s no motivation to consolidate four and percent. The author may have inaccurately extrapolated from the utilization of parts in a similar sort of development (â€Å"One-third of respondents concur with the statement†), however the sentence should peruse, â€Å"Four percent of grown-ups may have ADHD.† 2. â€Å"Astronomers state an item five-times greater than Jupiter is the main planet outside our close planetary system to be imaged.† The reference to the exoplanet’s size of size in contrast with Jupiter requires no connecting hyphen. The misconception maybe emerges from the way that â€Å"five times† changes greater, however greater is a modifier, not a thing, and words joining to adjust descriptors are not hyphenated. The right structure is â€Å"Astronomers state an article multiple times greater than Jupiter is the primary planet outside our close planetary system to be imaged.† 3. â€Å"This priest started his promise not to talk with a 2-1/multi year stroll up the coast.† Journalists regularly mistakenly embed a hyphen between an entire number and a division in a blended part. It’s redundant, however it is required between the blended portion and the thing that follows when they join to adjust another thing, as in this model: â€Å"This priest started his promise not to talk by taking a 2 1/2-year stroll up the coast.† (2 1/2 is viewed as a solitary component, so exclude the mediating hyphen.) Note, as well, the slight modification to dispose of the recommendation that the priest chatted with a 2 1/2-year stroll up the coast. 4. â€Å"The charged outskirt, 10-feet-high, is to be finished over the fringe with India.† In the event that this sentence utilized the expression â€Å"10 feet high† as a modifier going before â€Å"electrified fence† (â€Å"a 10-foot-high electric fence†), the hyphens connecting the components as a brought together portrayal would be legitimate. However, in a straightforward reference to physical measurements, no hyphens are essential: â€Å"The electric barrier, 10 feet high, is to be finished over the outskirt with India.† 5. â€Å"You must have a sharp feeling of how to catch the consideration of the 18-multi year-old news junkie.† This sentence attempts to watch the essential principle about interfacing the numbers in a range (ideally with an en run as opposed to a hyphen) yet blunders in its inability to perceive the uncommon instance of suspensive hyphenation that overrules that use. The sentence alludes to a segment associate comprising of 18-year-old news addicts and 34-year-old news addicts and all news addicts in the middle. When utilizing a range including a number compound, omit a large portion of the principal component, holding just the number (illuminated or in numeral structure) and a hyphen, trailed by a letter space: â€Å"You must have a sharp feeling of how to catch the consideration of the 18-to 34-year-old news junkie.† Need to improve your English in a short time a day? Get a membership and begin getting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Punctuation classification, check our mainstream posts, or pick a related post below:85 Synonyms for â€Å"Help†Capitalization Rules for Names of Historical Periods and Movements20 Names of Body Parts and Elements and Their Figurative Meanings

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Ethics and Stakeholder Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Morals and Stakeholder Management - Essay Example The idea of morals is significant during the contemporary time frame in the tasks of some random association. Socially mindful organizations should make a harmony between the insurance of the interests of the customers just as their targets of making benefits. In any case, the issue of morals is by one way or another disputable in that there might be clashes whereby individuals may differ over a specific issue with respect to the correct strategy that can be taken. There are blended emotions more than one issue whereby others see nothing incorrectly about it while others see it as off-base which presents a moral situation to the association. All things considered, a moral difficulty emerges when there is an uncertain understanding of a moral issue (Arens, 1996). This is a circumstance when individuals have various observations over a specific issue. In this specific case, a PC producer chooses not to showcase another chip that would empower PCs to be updated. This involves there is n o requirement for another PC and this lessens electronic waste. Be that as it may, this will prompt a decrease in the deals of the PCs which implies a positive decrease in incomes for the time being. Then again, the drawn out result is questionable and this has introduced a moral quandary to the association. For this situation, the association is thinking that its hard to advertise the new chip however it will profit most of the individuals to the detriment of their need to ensure the business interests of the organization, for example, its benefit. Taking into account this given situation, it tends to be noticed that to a limited degree, there is no all inclusive understanding of what comprises beneficial things from awful. Certain occurrences at some point emerge where individuals regularly see something very similar from alternate points of view (Hiti, 1999). In any case, in most definitely, it tends to be noticed that the principle objective is to accomplish benefit objectives w hereby morals are on occasion undermined for monetary profits. Hypothetically, there are diverse moral speculations that can be applied to this case however the best is utilitarian moral hypothesis. As per this hypothesis, â€Å"the decision that yields the best advantage to most of individuals is ethically,† (Rainbow, 2002). Thusly, this moral hypothesis places such that associations ought to urge the individuals to move in the direction of the results that will profit most of the individuals that are influenced by the tasks of a given association. It must be borne at the top of the priority list that organizations are worried about serving their own advantages just as the interests of the partners which ought not be undermined for monetary benefits alone. The correct game-plan will be to follow the rules that will yield advantages to most of individuals not just the worries of the organization alone. The utilitarian hypothesis recommends that the association should be guide d by values just as rules that will slant it to act with a particular goal in mind which makes it unique in relation to the next organisations.â

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Are Payday Loans on the Rise or Decline - OppLoans

Are Payday Loans on the Rise or Decline - OppLoans Are Payday Loans on the Rise or Decline? Are Payday Loans on the Rise or Decline?Inside Subprime: Dec 5, 2018By Grace AustinAs recently as two years ago, it looked as if payday loans were going to be regulated out of the market. But todays landscape looks quite different.In recent years, payday loans, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, have been hit hard by state legislation and ballot referendums, as well as federal and state lawsuits. For example, in Colorado, ballot measure Proposition 111 passed in November 2018, which capped interest on payday loans to 36 percent a year. In Ohio, >House Bill 123 went into effect this fall, putting a 28 percent APR cap on loans up to $1,000 over a 12-month span. These state-led efforts effectively make payday loans illegal by regulating how much interest and fees a company can charge, the length of the loan periods, and the dollar amount of the loan.These efforts, often coordinated by consumer advocates, religious groups, and lawmakers, have led to many payday lenders closing s hop. While some payday lenders attempt to find loopholes with the new laws, those loopholes are eventually closed by state and federal authorities.That was the case with one South Dakota payday loan firm which continues to face legal setbacks to stay in business, most recently before the state Supreme Court. South Dakota authorities revoked the payday lender’s license for introducing a loan product that violated a payday lending cap passed by referendum in November 2016.State attorneys general have also stepped up their enforcement of payday lenders. For example, the Virginia Attorney General established a special Predatory Lending Unit in 2015, tasked with seeking out violations of state and federal consumer lending laws. The numbers reflect the sharp decline: consumer spending on payday loans, both storefront and online, has fallen by about a third since 2012, according to 2017 data from the Center for Financial Services Innovation.Payday lenders have also been hit with major la wsuits, including many of the bigwigs, like the “godfather of lending” Charles Hallinan, who was sentenced in July 2018. Many of these lawsuits involve coordinated investigations from the government’s financial and consumer agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.One federal initiative that led to a sharp decline in payday loan revenue the past few years is now up in the air: the CFPB’s Final Rule regarding Payday, Vehicle Title, and Certain High Cost Installment Loans. After an administration change at the consumer watchdog agency, the rule, first proposed in June 2015, will now be reconsidered starting in January 2019, according to the agency.The CFSI found online and storefront payday loans netted $6 billion in 2016. As the data shows, until there are better alternatives for those in need of a short-term loan, payday loan firms will continue to find a market to stay in business.For more information on payday loans, sca ms,  cash advances, and  title loans,  check out our state financial guides  including, Illinois, Texas, Florida and more.Visit  OppLoans  on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIn

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Report on Cultural Diversity Essay - 1630 Words

Running head: REPORT ON WALT KOWALSKI Report on Walt Kowalski Team B University of Phoenix Cultural Diversity and Special Populations BSHS 422 October 12, 2009 According to Kiosk (2006), â€Å"Culture is an important guiding force in individuals life and it shapes not only their perceptions, but their relationships with people and the world around them. Culture, in some ways, defines and organizes reality for people† (Kiosk, 2006). â€Å"An individual’s lifestyle, guiding beliefs and basic assumptions about life are also affected by culture† (Kiosk, 2006). Cultural diversity covers the entire range of the human experiences. The film Gran Torino is an excellent film that portrays the differences in culture. This film†¦show more content†¦Walt has to realize that he does not have to like everybody but he does need to be respectful of people as an individual and this will help him understand that his way is not the only way. Culturally Competent Strategies The cultural composition of America is rapidly changing. Researchers estimate that by the year 2050 more than half of the nation’s population is comprised of people from different ethnic and cultural minority groups (Guzman, Hill-Menson, Greve, 2007). The trend of greater cultural and ethnic diversity in America has resulted in a change in the cultural dynamics and complexities in many communities and neighborhoods across the country. Neighborhoods once segregated by race and ethnicity, such as Walt Kowalski’s, have become more diverse in both race and ethnicity. Despite an increase in the cultural makeup of many neighborhoods, racism, bias, and prejudice still exist in many (Guzman et. al., 2007). For this reason, many people like Walt Kowalski need to gain the necessary skills to develop cultural competence, allowing them to interact positively with people from other cultural backgrounds. One way to develop cultural competence for a ma n like Walt Kowalski is to assist him in gaining a better understanding of himself and the Asian culture of his neighbors. To help Walt better understand the root of his prejudice outlook, the writersShow MoreRelatedMulticulturalism Is An Essential Symbol Of The Canadian Heritage And Identity Essay1106 Words   |  5 PagesPromoting Multiculturalism: As it is considered that Canada’s officials policy of multiculturalism inspires a diversity of religions as part of the diversity of cultures. The multiculturalism Act 1988 proclaims that â€Å"Multiculturalism is an essential symbol of the Canadian heritage and identity.† The government and the public school system always give effort to promote the sense of multiculturalism. The ideals of the multiculturalism are helping the minorities to breathe their faiths and beliefsRead MoreA Letter From District Administrator1569 Words   |  7 Pagescommitment, we have formed a Strategic Diversity Planning team that consists of district and school administrators. The team reflected on the district mission, vision, student demographics, and performance data. Our extensive reflection revealed the need for improvement in educating each student. In response to the change in our student population and performance, the planning team volunteered countless hours of their time to cre ate this Strategic Diversity Plan. This strategic plan will ensureRead MoreThe Impact Of Workplace Diversity On The Workplace997 Words   |  4 Pages Workplace diversity is a term which describes the inclusion of people in the workplace regardless of their cultural differences such as gender, race and sexuality. Rather than disregarding them, diverse workplaces utilise these differences to widen the range of experiences and skills among their employees as stated by the Australian Breastfeeding Association (2012). Some professions, however, are more diverse than others. According to the Diversity Inclusion: Unlocking Global Potential - GlobalRead MoreCultural Values And Health Care1108 Words   |  5 Pages Cultural values in health care play a very important role in the outcome of ailment or diseases process of an individual. That is because people from the same culture share distinct characteristics which make them standout from members of other cultures. Those characteristics and values usually determine whether or not an individual seek professional care for the disease or comply with prescribed regimen, or care-plan. It i s therefore important to recognize a strong bond between cultural diversityRead MoreThe Importance Of Creating And Managing A Culturally Diverse Working Environment?1665 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Maya Angelou, a famous African American poet, once said, â€Å"We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their colour,† (Angelou Johnson, 2014). This quote shows how cultural diversity is widely believed to be a benefit to society, but how do these benefits stretch to the context of a business? This review will be looking into literature surrounding the question, what are theRead MoreThe Ethical And Management Issues1593 Words   |  7 Pageshealthier, safer work environments. The purpose of this report is to Comment on the ethical and management issues raised by all three case studies (7-Eleven, ‘Are organisation’s exploiting ‘non-employees’’ and ‘New and challenging HRM issues in China and India’) and make recommendations for the future around business practices of employing and managing culture and diversity. This report was conducted through research analysis of textbooks, reports and articles found online, as well as the ‘painstakingRead MoreManaging Diversity Between Ethiopia And The United States Essay1464 Words   |  6 PagesManaging diversity in the workplace while working with people that belong to Ethiopian Culture Summary: Working with the same nationals is fairly easy, but, challenges occur when one works with employees that belong to different geographic locations or countries. In this report, the major focus is to analyze Ethiopia’s culture in terms of managing the workplace diversity while having the professional ties with the Ethiopian citizens. This report will highlight how the workplace diversity is managedRead MoreThe Current State Of The Cambodian Traditional Music Revival And The Large Impact Of Cultural Music Education1539 Words   |  7 PagesAlthough the scholarly research is able to see the current state of the Cambodian traditional music revival and the large impact of cultural music education, it fails to see the external benefits of this music that promotes â€Å"a culture of peace, global citizenship, and appreciation of cultural diversity and its contribution to sustainable development†.29 This cultural benefit is one of the biggest answers to the question of why this music education and the survival of traditional music is importantRead MoreCultural Diversity At The California College Of Arts1234 Words   |  5 PagesRunning head: CULTURAL DIVERSITY 1 CULTURAL DIVERSITY 6 Cultural diversity Name Professors Name Institution Date Introduction Cultural diversity has impacted the American Society and studies as well. It is important to encourage students to explore the diversity of culture in America and also understand how culture has changed the landscape. The essence of studying diversity in culture is to help students understand the global community interrelations and how ethnicity, raceRead MoreDiversity1703 Words   |  7 PagesDiversity in Canada August 23, 2011 Abstract In this paper I will be looking at diversity in Canada and how the term of diversity is used to refer to cultural differences, how it applies to all the qualities that make people different. Diversity is shown in mutual respect and appreciation of the similarities and differences such as age, culture, education, ethnicity, experience, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation. An environment where diversity is respected is on whereas individuals

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American Pageant Chapter 3 - 1102 Words

Chapter 3 Settling the Northern Colonies 1619-1700 The Protestant Reformation Produces Puritanism Martin Luther . He declared that the Bible alone was the source of Gods words. He started the Protestant Reformation. John Calvin He spelled out his doctrine in 1536 called Institutes of the Christian Religion. He formed Calvinism. King Henry VIII formed the Protestant Church. There were a few people who wanted to see the process of taking Catholicism out of England occur more quickly. These people were called Puritans. A tiny group of Puritans, called Separatists, broke away from the Church of England. King James I had them exiled from England. The Pilgrims End Their Pilgrimage at Plymouth Separatists in Holland†¦show more content†¦They dethroned Catholic James II and enthroned the Protestant rulers of the Netherlands, the Dutch-born William III and his English wife, Mary, daughter of James II. In 1691, Massachusetts was made a royal colony. There was unrest in New York and Maryland from 1689-1691. Old Netherlands at New Netherland Late in the 16th Century, the Netherlands fought for and won its independence from Catholic Spain with the help of England. In the 17th Century, the Dutch (the Netherlands) became a power. Golden Age. It fought 3 great Anglo-Dutch naval battles. The Dutch Republic became a leading colonial power, with by far its greatest activity in the East Indies. The Dutch East India Company was nearly a state within a state and at one time supported an army of 10,000 men and a fleet of 190 ships, 40 of them men-of-war. This company hired an English explorer, Henry Hudson, to seek great riches. He sailed into the Delaware Bay and New York Bay in 1609 and then ascended the Hudson River. He filed a Dutch claim to a wooded and watered area. The Dutch West India Company was less powerful than the Dutch East India Company, and was based in the Caribbean. It was more interested in raiding than trading. In 1628, in raided a fleet of Spanish treasure ships and stole $15 million. The company established outposts in Africa and Brazil. In 1623-1624, the Dutch West India Company established NewShow MoreRelatedThe Photo Of A South Vietnamese Police Chief Executing A Guerrilla Fighter1269 Words   |  6 Pagesmemorable quotation in The American Pageant, can be found on page 934, â€Å"Hundreds of thousands of marchers filled the streets of New York, San Francisco, and other cities, chanting, Hell no, we won’t go and Hey, hey, LBJ how many kids did you kill today? Countless citizens felt the pinch of war-spawned inflation† (Page 934). There is no other memorable quotations from this era in The American Pageant. 3. Does the textbook answer the questions mentioned on p. 254 of Loewen’s chapter? If so what answersRead MoreEffects Of World War II On America Essay958 Words   |  4 Pagesinvade Poland. The American president was reluctant on entering the war because he was building allies in the western hemisphere and was focused on making life better on the home front. Tragedy struck America on the morning of December 7, 1941 when the Japanese conducted a surprise aerial attack against the United States naval base at pearl harbor. The lethal and deadly force of the attack spurred President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to realize it was time to enter the war. As American troops were beingRead MoreIs Beauty Is Everything?1691 Words   |  7 Pagesso called â€Å"Barbie princess look† is the way to look in order to succeed in life. Girls are taught from a very young age that looks are important; whether it from watching a Disney Princess movie, marketing and social media, or performin g in beauty pageants, looks are always the most important. What at first glance seems innocent and cute is actually a horrible problem that is affecting all women. The Disney princess movies portray young, skinny, and beautiful women who are showered with fame and menRead MoreThe American Pageant: 14th Edition Notes950 Words   |  4 PagesAPUSH American Pageant 14th edition Chapter 34 Notes (21 terms) 1. London economic conference (1933): a 16 nation economic conference organized to stabilize international currency rates. Franklin Roosevelt’s decision to revoke American participation contributed to a deepening world economic crisis. 2. Good neighbor policy: a departure from the Roosevelt corollary to the Monroe doctrine, the good neighbor policy stressed nonintervention in Latin America. It was begun by Herbert Hoover but associatedRead MoreEssay about Biography of President Thomas Jefferson1502 Words   |  7 PagesRevolution of 1800 [12].† This was a long, bitter election between Jefferson, a Democratic-Republican, and John Adams, a Federalist [12] [11] [1]. Jefferson attacked Adams and the policies he put through, which was also well-hated universally by Americans. Though, in the end – after a long and contentious election process [note 1] – Jefferson became the president, and Aaron Burr his vice president. Though, he wasn’t president yet. In Adam’s last days, he foresaw the fall of the Federalists in bothRead MoreThe Beginning Of The Civil War1289 Words   |  6 PagesWar was in fact about slavery and that slavery was an issue â€Å"resolved† by the Civil War. Yes t he war was initially about race and how the country â€Å"needed† to free slaves, David W. Blight states it, â€Å"The emancipationist vision, embodied in African Americans’ complex remembrance of their own freedom, their politics of radical Reconstruction, and in conceptions of the war as the reinvention of the republic and the liberation of blacks to citizenship and Constitutional equality† (Blight, 2). The writerRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Writing Style Falls Under The Dark Romanticism1317 Words   |  6 PagesHester has as a single mother to Pearl due to his own life experiences. The intended audience for this novel is individuals who are feeling indifferent about the religious situation that they are in. Mr. Hawthrone seeks out his intended audience in 3 main ways. The first strategy he uses to reach this audience is by setting a solid foundation in the narration. Like Hawthorne’s other works, the book is told by a narrator who came across these documents centuries after the event occurred so we haveRead MoreThe Rise Of Mass Democracy1344 Words   |  6 PagesChapter 13 The Rise of Mass Democracy I. The â€Å"Corrupt Bargain† of 1824 i. After the Era of Good Feelings, politics was transformed. The big winner of this transformation was the common man. Specifically, the common white man as universal white manhood suffrage (all white men could vote) became the norm. ii. In the election of 1824, there were four towering candidates: Andrew Jackson of Tennessee, Henry Clay of Kentucky, William H. Crawford of Georgia, and John Q. Adams of Massachusetts. 1. All fourRead MoreThe Authors Of The American Pageant1950 Words   |  8 PagesSkill: Periodization- The authors of The American Pageant use 33,000 B.C.E. and 1769 C.E. as the beginnings and ending dates for â€Å"New World Beginnings.† but the first chronological period of study for the AP US History Exam is from 1491 to 1607, with the understanding that 1491 is a symbolic dates for pre-Columbian contacts in North America. As you read chapter 1, does 33,000 B.C.E., 1491, or some other date make the most sense to you as the beginning of this time period? Explain while citing relevantRead MoreDbq for American Imperialism3893 Words   |  16 Pageshistorians as a period of â€Å"selflessness† during which the United States helped weaker nations from dominant European powers and spread the â€Å"blessings of democracy and civilization.† Others have described the â€Å"New Manifest Destiny† as a time of â€Å"ruthless American expansion† at the co st of weaker nations and in violation of our own principles of consent of the governed and popular sovereignty. Using the documents, and your knowledge, how would you characterize this period of â€Å"Becoming a World Power†?

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The American Of An Asian American Male, Whose Parents Had...

The voice I have chosen to write about is of an Asian American Male, whose parents had â€Å"shipped† him to the United States to study. Johnny Nguyen was only thirteen years old when his parents informed him he was going to the United States to study in a middle school in New Jersey. Johnny knew that his parents would send him to the USA to get a better education, but he thought his parents would wait until he was ready to go to college. Johnny stated that the reason he was going to the states at a young age was that his Uncle was offered a job; thus, without informing Johnny, his parents prepared a student visa so Johnny can study and live with his Uncle. Johnny was now what he considered a parachute kid. Johnny stated, â€Å"Adjusting to life in the states was terrible because I wasn’t even in a town where the majority was an Asian population like other kids I had heard about.† Becoming accustomed to the American culture was difficult because his values and tr aditions were different. Johnny wanted to fit in, so he spent most of his time watching American TV, rather than studying, to learn about the American culture and behavior. In about a year or so, Johnny started to make friends. He became assimilated to American culture and did not want to follow his Vietnamese culture. Although Johnny respected his culture, he wanted to fit in with his friends to make his life easier and not feel lonely. He wanted to go back to Vietnam; however, his father would not allow for the sake ofShow MoreRelatedAbercrombie Fitch: an Upscale Sporting Goods Retailer Becomes a Leader in Trendy Apparel6425 Words   |  26 PagesPoles, Abercrombie Fitch goods were renowned for their durability and dependability. In 1992, a new management team began repositioning Abercrombie Fitch as a more fashion-oriented casual apparel business directed at 18 to 22 year-old male and female college students with a product assortment reflecting a youthful lifestyle based upon an East Coast heritage and Ivy League traditions. In 1998, the Company launched Abercrombie, a brand directed at seven to 14 year-old boys and girlsRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagesand Paul Buhle, eds., The New Left Revisited David M. Scobey, Empire City: The Making and Meaning of the New York City Landscape Gerda Lerner, Fireweed: A Political Autobiography Allida M. Black, ed., Modern American Queer History Eric Sandweiss, St. Louis: The Evolution of an American Urban Landscape Sam Wineburg, Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts: Charting the Future of Teaching the Past Sharon Hartman Strom, Political Woman: Florence Luscomb and the Legacy of Radical Reform Read MoreSummary : Tigress 10460 Words   |  42 Pagesmeaning pointed or sharp and the Avestan tigrhi meaning an arrow, perhaps referring to the speed with which a tiger launches itself at its prey.[8] Evolution Tiger phylogenetic relationships Restoration of Panthera zdanskyi, an extinct relative whose oldest remains were found in northwest China, suggesting the origins of the tiger lineage The tiger s closest living relatives were previously thought to be the lion, leopard and jaguar, all of which are classified under the genus Panthera. A 2010Read MoreMandinka Empire21578 Words   |  87 PagesAfrican-American slave accent, and possibly a Mandinka accent, with other African accents, along with the colonial British accent layered in. The purpose of this paper is to consider the implications of an observation made about the practice of slavery in North America and to ask whether this view might be extended to the rest of the Americas. The observation is Philip Curtin’s conclusion, after sifting through the immense number of sources available to him, that â€Å"South Carolina planters . . . had strongRead MoreStatement of Purpose23848 Words   |  96 Pages.................... 31 African Studies...................................................................................................................... 31 Literature (American) ......................... .................................................................................. 33 Literature (English and American) ....................................................................................... 35 Literature (Medieval) ...........................................................Read MoreIntroduction to Marketing21178 Words   |  85 PagesINTRODUCTION TO MARKETING Current Marketing Fundamentals Course Web Site Background What is marketing? Almost every marketing textbook has a different definition of the term marketing. The American Marketing Association (AMA) uses the following: The process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. From this definition, we see that: MarketingRead MoreThe Social Impact of Drug Abuse24406 Words   |  98 Pagesthe word, i.e. it comprehends not simply economic development but also sound environmental practices, social conditions and the meeting of basic needs. Part three describes some of the negative consequences that drug abuse and drug trafficking have had. It analyses alternative development in regions that are economically dependent on the illicit drug industry and includes moral and social considerations as they influence farmers and communities growing crops for the illicit drug industry. Part fourRead MoreKfc Marketing Strategies20155 Words   |  81 Pagesdepartment inquiries about the KFC/QSR/Franchising business. Is KFC listed in the Small Business Administration (SBA) Registry? Yes, the franchise registry ( is a national online listing of approved franchise systems whose franchisees will receive accelerated loan processing through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Through this process, small business owners are provided with higher levels of service and quicker loans. Franchise systems not listed on theRead MoreDesigning a Customer Driven Statergy23698 Words   |  95 Pagesgeographical differences in needs and wants. Many companies today are localizing their products, advertising, promotion, and sales efforts to fit the needs of individual regions, cities, and even neighborhoods. For example, one consumer products company shipped additional cases of its low-calorie snack foods to stores in neighborhoods near Weight Watchers clinics. Kraft developed Post’s Fiesta Fruity Pebbles cereal for areas with high Hispanic populations. Coca-Cola developed four ready-to-drink canned coffeesRead MoreCase Studies67624 Words   |  271 Pagesmethod The case analysis method is based on a philosophy that combines knowledge acquisition with significant involvement from students as active learners. In the words of Alfred North Whitehead, this philosophy ‘rejects the doctrine that students had first learned passively, and then, having learned should apply knowledge’.3 In contrast to this philosophy, the case analysis method is based on principles that were elaborated upon by John Dewey: Only by wrestling with the conditions of this problem

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Great Awakening free essay sample

Although the Enlightenment Era was one of quarrel and question, The Great Awakening unified colonists and helped to set boundaries further In the separation of church and state. To better understand how this era came about it is important to know why it came about. During the sasss colonist were unhappy with how life was progressing. The Church of England had been established as the reigning church of the country. From a political standpoint having all the members of a society believe In one religion, made things easy, however this Idea did not sit well with the people.The dryness of he church and its old ways of teaching made its members feel complacent with no emotional attachment. With doubt and the ideas on Enlightenment spreading like wildfire, colonists began to now feel segregated from mainstream society. They also felt as if these Enlightenment ideals were allowing too much spiritual freedom with no emphasis on regular church attendance and rather on progression of the individual. Also the Church of England was recognized as the governing church; this meaning that the people came to an agreement that, that was the only religion that was allowed, consequently suppressing all other religions. Subsequently this event made everyone think everything was okay because when looking at it from a political stand point there seemed to be some type of solidity or order in society since everyone practiced the same religion. This however did not make things better instead it caused a uncritical satisfaction, like when you eat junk food to satisfy your hunger but in the long run, slowly but surely, its bad for your body and harms your body. After a few decades in the 18th century a young minister from Yale University named Johnathan Edwards declined to convert to the Church of England. Edwards felt that people were losing sight of what was really important. He felt that people lost their purpose in this world and instead they became excessively disturbed by the worldly materials around them. Edwards did not like what he saw and what the people were portraying and who they were becoming so he spoke out and said â€Å"God is an angry judge, and humans were sinners! † He spoke with so much irritation and rage that when he did speak people assembled and congregated to listen, thus igniting what we know as the First Great Awakening. The great awakening affected the American colonies in many ways. First and foremost George Whitefield played an important role in this great awakening. He was a minister from Britain who was ordained by the Church of England. He toured the American colonies from Georgia to New England. Every time Whitefield gave one of his sermons he spoke with such desire, hunger, and passion, that people would cluster in thousands to go see him and to hear him speak. Whitefield spoke so well that even Benjamin Franklin himself, a guy known for being religiously cynical, emptied his coin purse after hearing his sermon in Philadelphia. The awakening led to the creation of new colleges such as Princeton University. Despite the fact that all of this is happening, it seems to be some separation in America. This separation is being caused by the New Light ministers and the Old Light ministers. The New Light ministers, or awakening, were ministers who accepted the new style of worship, whereas the Old Light ministers refuse to agree to such new beliefs. Regardless of the conflict between the people, an unanticipated outcome that came from this was that religious toleration was accepted more widely, thus making it obvious that in an area there can be more than one religion without one dominating that area. The Great Awakening was the first main event that broke down dissimilarities between the colonies. Overall, the First Great Awakening left a permanent impact on American religion. It stemmed from influential evangelization that gave people some type of guilt felt deep inside and of their necessity of redemption by Christ, giving them a greater purpose to live for. The effects of Glorious Revolution in 1688 made religion something to pastime with and do the motions to during the religious services with no personal connection whatsoever, whereas the Great Awakening built a personal connection between religion and the average person and brought Christianity to African slaves. Although the awakening didn’t last for a long prepared of time, the Great Awakening was what prepared the colonies for the American Revolution. The American Revolution took place from 1775 to 1783. This was an event that was not at all associated with religion, which is a little shocking since it took place after the first great awakening. The Founding Fathers showed a great disapproval of the conjoining of religion and politics in the first amendment by instituting the parting of church and state. As a result of religion not be controlled by political leaders, revivals started up again. This leading to what we know as the second great awakening, taking place between the endings of the 18th century till the second half of the 19th century. In the beginning of the American Revolution there three main large dominations known, the Congregationalists, Anglicans, and Quakers. However as the second great awakening began Evangelical Methodism and Baptist were becoming very well-known and popular. The second great awakening took place all over the United States, however it was more exclusive in the Northeast and the Midwest. The Second Great Awakening manifested an essential transition in American religious life. The earlier American religious groups believed people could only be saved through salvation because of how wicked mankind is. However, the new movement was to place a greater emphasis on mankind ability to change who they are to be a better person. From this you can see that the first and the second great awakening both played a big role on America and the growth of Christianity. The first great awakening opened the people eyes that there might be a possibility that religion should be something that you have a personal connection to. It also opened the door for Americans to accept the American Revolution. Thus leading to the second great awakening that showed people that there are able to express themselves and have free-will.